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Best team for quality control of every product

Vishnupriya Chemicals works with the aim of providing you with high-quality, error-free products. We have employed an analytical team with good skills in performing various quality analysis processes. They apply appropriate and relevant analysis for different reagents. For every effort that we make, quality is one of the major factors.

Quality test to keep away from any risk

Gravimetric process, combustion method, redox titration and chelation techniques- we have all knowledge on all these processes. We also get engaged in the in-process trials at the right time. We also test our products routinely to accomplish the process of manufacturing. We avoid using risky components, like mercuric acetate. At Vishnupriya Chemicals, we have also invested on the analytical tools and apparatus. Our team measures every method to get the solution. We also develop and validate our custom trial process. Thus, rely on our team for our incredible internal quality assurance measures.

Manufacturing process and facilities

We apply validated techniques and processes. Our QA team also checks out our manufacturing report. The materials that we choose have no BSE and TSE (Transmitting Animal and Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy).

Our company has also separate units for
* Raw material management
* Finished goods
* Manufacturing
* Chemical contamination prevention


We have tools to measure Periodical Calibration and maintenance solutions.


We have Potable grade incoming water, and we test water on a regular basis to keep up BIS standards.

QA and QC

Specifications and alteration in analytical processes. We have sampling procedure and a system for change control. For QC, we test all the processes, batch wise, and it includes finished goods and starting resources.

Our personnel

For the present and new staffs, we arrange training session to focus on cleanliness, product consistency, safety issues, GMP and ISO principles.