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Vishnupriya Chemicals Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company based at Hyderabad, India.

Vishnupriya Chemicals Pvt. Ltd is India based company specializing in the manufacture and supply of inorganic and specialty Chemicals. We also undertake the synthesis of organic compounds and pharma intermediates on-demand basis. We specialize in custom made products.

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Our Company

20 years of experience in chemical manufacturing

we try to introduce newer products. Our professional and technical team manages all the reactions of chemicals and keeps up to the best standards.

Our customer service, dedication and innovation help us to get success. With the incorporation of all these elements, we improve our potential to retain our present status. By applying the latest technology, we refine every process and optimize.

Our production process is fast and versatile. Our supply chain is reliable and consistent. That’s why we are able to cater to all our international and national clients.


Our Chemical Applications


At Vishnupriya Chemicals Pvt. Ltd, we have a separate department for manufacturing chemicals for cooling water treatment. We try to make chemicals, used for various purposes, like boiler water treatment and raw water. Whether it is boiler water or cooling water, we make the best efforts to improve the performance of the plant.


Chemical is a common ingredient in almost all types of foods. With over 20 years of experience in providing chemical for food processing, Vishnupriya Chemicals Pvt is competing with in the food chemicals market with its best technology. Our chemicals help in keeping away from foodborne bacteria, and in retaining the freshness of foods. We provide high-quality chemicals to all food industries.


Catalytic reaction is essential for manufacturing lots of products. We are specialized at supplying the best standard catalyst chemicals. We have a stock of all types of chemicals that are useful for biochemical processes. Our chemicals help our clients in increasing the productivity of their business. With the latest technology and innovativeness, we preserve all the chemicals of our company.


We have got several clients from sugar processing industry. We manufacture chemicals for sugar processing. We’re also able to work on inorganic and organic antiscalants.


From acidic chemicals to gel-like chemicals, Vishnupriya Pvt Ltd has the stock of all the products. We have also multi-use chemicals, and applied production of various products in different industrial sectors. We have highly trained personnel to formulate these chemicals in an innovative way.

Infrastructure & Facilities

Backed by state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which is based at the industrial township of Andhra Pradesh (India). The unit is spread across a sprawling area with an appreciable installed capacity. Fully equipped with all requisite facilities including advanced tools and machines required for the production process, we have been able to offer a highly effective range of Inorganic and Specialty Chemicals. 

Some of the important facilities include:

  • Validated cleaning program
  • Maintenance plan
  • Periodical calibration of measuring instrument
  • Handling and sourcing of quality raw material
  • Prevention of chemical contamination
  • Our source of incoming water from potable grade
  • We use D.M. water in production and cleaning of machines / equipment
  • Water is tested regularly to BIS standards

With the use of the above mentioned machines and latest facilities, we ensure to process quarantined finished and approved chemicals.
Apart from this, we also follow other measures like:

  • Our processes are validated and also carry process validation studies
  • Manufacturing records are formally checked by QA before batch release
  • We also ensure that the material is free from transmitting animal spongiform encephalopathy ( tse ) and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)

In order to safely store our voluminous stocks of Inorganic and Specialty Chemicals, we have developed a sophisticated warehouse and packaging unit. Since our entire range of exported to various parts of the globe, we take due care while storing and packaging these under the highest safety and hygienic conditions. The warehouse is equipped with all essential facilities and well maintained keeping in mind the properties of the chemicals. We have a separate packaging unit, wherein all the Inorganic and Specialty Chemicals are hygienically packed under the supervision of our QC team. Suitably packed in air tight and light-resistant packaging material with proper labeling, the consignments are also rechecked on regular interval to avoid any spillage and leakage. Furthermore, the Chemicals are properly labeled and given the following information for the convenience of the user. 

Some of these include:

  • Name and Grade of Material
  • The site of Manufacture
  • Batch No.
  • Date of Mfg
  • Expiry Weight (Nt, / Tare / Gr.)
  • Storage Condition