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Mono Ammonium Phosphate

Mono ammonium Phosphate (ammonium di-hydrogen phosphate, ammonium phosphate mono basic) used as a baking powder with sodium bicarbonate, widely used in fireproofing of paper, wood, fiber board. Mono ammonium phosphate is mixed with ammonium sulfate and resultant is used in abs dry chemical fire extinguishers, used in fermentation of yeast. Mono ammonium phosphate provides a rich source of phosphate and nitrogen usable by plants helping their growth. It is offered in chemical and reagent grade. It is available in the form of white powder, crystals packed in 25kg, 50kg hdpe bag. We can offer it in many grades as per the application needs in different industry sectors.


Product Name Monoammonium Phosphate
Appearance White
Assay 98%
Also known as Ammonium Di-hydrogen Phosphate

Ammonium Phosphate Mono Basic

CAS No 7722-76-1
Density 2.56 g/cm3
Grade Standard Chemical, Reagent Grade
Molecular Formula (NH4)H2PO4
Molecular Weight 115 g/mol
Minimum  Order Quantity 25kg
Physical State Powder, Crystals
Packing Type 25kg,50kg HDPE Bag
Usage Fire extinguishers, Electronics