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Chromium Acetate

CHROMIUM ACETATE (Chromous acetate, Chromium diacetate, Chromium (II) acetate hydrate) is moderately water soluble crystalline Chromium source that decomposes to Chromium oxide on heating. It is generally immediately available in most volumes. All metallic acetates are inorganic salts containing a metal cation and the acetate anion. Acetates are excellent precursors for production of ultra-high purity compounds, catalysts, and nano scale materials. It is used in manufacturing of chromium plating. It is available in the form of Brick-red powder; Crystals packed in 25kg, 50kg. We can offer it in many grades as per the application needs in different industry sectors.



Product Name Chromium Acetate
Appearance Brick-red
Assay 99%
Also known as Chromous acetate                                   Chromium diacetate
CAS No 14976-80-8
Density 1.79 g/cm3
Grade Standard Industrial
IUPAC Name Chromium(II) acetate hydrate
Molecular Formula C8H16Cr2O10
Molecular Weight 376.198 g·mol−1
Minimum Order Quantity 25kg
Physical State Powder, Crystals
Packing Type 25kg,50kg HDPE Bag
Usage Chromium Plating, Catalyst