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Ferrous Sulphate

FERROUS SULPHATE (Green vitriol, Ferrous Sulfate, Iron (II) Sulfate) used as a precursor to other iron compounds. It is a reducing agent, and as such is useful for the reduction of chromate in cement to less toxic Cr (III) compounds. Ferrous Sulfate was used in the textile industry as a dye fixative. It is used to blacken leather and as a constituent of ink. Ferrous Sulfate can also be used to stain concrete and lime stones and sandstones a yellowish rust color. In horticulture it is used for treating iron chlorosis. It has been used in the purification of water by flocculation and for phosphate removal in municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants to prevent eutrophication of surface water bodies. It can be offered in TECH, Industrial and Food Grade.  It is available in the form of Green to Blackish powder, crystals; granules packed in 25kg, 50kg HDPE Bag. We can offer it in many grades as per the application needs in different industry sectors.


Product Name Ferrous Sulphate
Appearance Green to Blackish
Assay 97%
Also known as Green vitriol                                                                   Ferrous Sulfate
CAS No 7720-78-7
Density 1.02 g/cm3
Grade Standard Food Grade, Industrial
IUPAC Name Iron(II) Sulfate
Molecular Formula FeSO4.7H2o
Molecular Weight 151.91 g/mol
Minimum Order Quantity 25kg
Physical State Powder, Crystals, Granules
Packing Type 25kg,50kg HDPE Bag
Usage Pharma Synthesis, Colorant, Micronutrients,  Photographic, Catalyst, Water treatment, Food