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Cobalt Oxide

COBALT OXIDE (Cobalt (II) oxide) metallic colouring oxide. It is mainly used in glazes to impart blue color, and if used in high percentage will impart black color in glazes, enamels and glass. Cobalt is considered as a powerful ceramic colorant that maintains stability in almost all systems. As much as 1% cobalt is used in many recipes. In oxidation process, it actively melts just like copper. When added to liquid frit base in high percentage, it will crystallize during cooling. Cobalt has limited practical applications, as it is expensive. It is available in the form of black powder packed in 25kg, 50kg HDPE Bag. We can offer it in many grades as per the application needs in different industry sectors.



Product Name Cobalt Oxide
Appearance Black
Assay 98%
Also known as Cobalt(II) oxide
CAS No 1308-06-1
Density 6.11 g/cm3
IUPAC Name Cobalt(II) oxide
Grade Standard Technical
Molecular Formula Co3O4
Molecular Weight 240.80 g/mol
Minimum Order Quantity 25kg
Physical State Powder
Packing Type 25kg,50kg HDPE Bag
Usage Colouring agent, Electrode