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Barium Sulphate

Barium Sulphate used as white pigment for paints and used as filler in plastics. In Oil Paint, Barium Sulphate is almost transparent and is used as filler or to modify consistency, used as a component in Oil Well Drilling Fluid as it increases the density of the fluid. A thin layer of barium Sulfate called baryta is first coated on the base surface of most photographic paper to increase the reflectiveness of the image, it is used as a release material in casting of copper anode plates, used as a catalyst support when selectively hydrogenating functional groups that are sensitive to over reduction. Barium Sulphate is available in the form of White Powder packed in 50kg HDPE Bag. We can offer it in many grades as per the application needs in different industry sectors.


Product Name Barium Sulphate
Appearance White
Assay 98%
CAS No 7727-43-7
Density 4.49 g/cm3
Grade Standard Industrial, Battery Grade
Molecular Formula BaSO4
Molecular Weight 233.38 g/mol
Minimum Order Quantity 50kg
Physical State Powder
Packing Type 50kg HDPE  Bag
Usage Medical, Photography, Pigment, Catalyst, Paper, Cosmetics, ‎ Radio contrast agent