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Barium Chloride

Barium Chloride offered by us is used in the purification of brine solution in caustic chlorine plants and also in the manufacture of heat treatment salts, case hardening of steel. Its toxicity limits its applicability, used as a test for Sulfate ion, used as a heat treatment salt in stabilizers and polymers. Barium Chloride is widely used in fireworks to impart them a bright green color, used in waste water treatment, the production of PVC stabilizers, oil lubricants. Barium Chloride is available in the form of White Powder; Crystals packed in 25kg, 50kg HDPE Bag. We can offer it in many grades as per the application needs in different industry sectors.


Product Name Barium Chloride
Appearance White
Assay 98% min
Also known as Barium Dihydrate                                                   Muryate of Barytes                                              Barium dichloride
CAS No 10326-27-9
Density 3.0979 g/cm3
Grade Standard Technical
Molecular Formula BaCl2.2H2o
Molecular Weight 244.26 g/mol
Minimum Order Quantity 25kg
Physical State Powder, Crystals
Packing Type 25kg,50kg HDPE Bag
Usage Laboratory, Heat Treatment Salts, Electronic Grade