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Alum Ferric

Alum Ferric (Aluminium Sulphate, Ferric Alum, Non Ferric Alum, Filter Alum) offered by us is used mainly in the pulp and paper industry and as a flocculating agent or coagulant in water and waste treatment for clarifying and or purifying sewage and water for clarifying fats, oils and petroleum. Various clients are placing bulk orders for the Alum Ferric as these are available in the form of Pale Violet Powder, Slab and Lumps packed in 50Kgs HDPE Bags.


Product Name Alum Ferric
Appearance Pale Violet
Assay 13 to 16%
Also known as Ferric Aluminium Sulfate, Ferric Alum, Filter Alum
Cas No 10138-04-2
Density 1.3 – 1.32  g/cm3
Grade Standard Technical Grade
Molecular Formula FeNH4(SO4)2.12H2O
Molecular Weight 482.25 g/mol
Minimum Order Quantity 50 kg
Physical State Powder/Slabs/Lumps
Packing type 50 kg HDPE bags / Loose
Usage/Application Water Treatment, Effluent Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Pulp and Paper, Sewage.