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Category: Oxide

Offering you a complete choice of products which include aluminium oxide, aluminum oxide, calcium oxide, cupric oxide, cuprous oxide and lead dioxide

Manganese Dioxide

MANGANESE DIOXIDE (Pyrolusite, Manganese oxide, Manganese (IV) oxide) mainly used in electrolytic zinc electrolytic lead, ceramics, chemistry industry and Battery industry. It refers to medication (Potassium Permanganate), national defence, electronical technology, printing and dyeing, photography, ceramics, weld, Water purification, disinfector, oxidant, catalyst, agriculture and other industries. It is offered in Reagent, Technical Grade and Oxidation …

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Magnesium Oxide

MAGNESIUM OXIDE (Magnesia) most commonly used source of magnesium for ruminant nutrition. It also offers an available source of magnesium for various fertilizer applications. It is also used Plant forage and animal feeds are often deficient in the required magnesium levels for healthy animal nutrition. A supplemental source of magnesium is required to maintain healthy …

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Lead Monoxide

LEAD MONOXIDE (Litharge) used chiefly in the manufacture of Lead Stabilizers (Lead Stearates), pottery, Lead glass, paints, enamels, and inks.  Litharge is also called Lead Monoxide, Lead Oxide, and Plumbous Oxide & Yellow oxide. Other uses of Litharge are as an intermediate in a variety of industries like lubricants and greases, insecticides, inorganic pigments, Lead …

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Cuprous Oxide

CUPROUS OXIDE (Copper (I) oxide) is commonly used as a pigment, a fungicide and an antifouling agent for marine paints. It is used in agricultural fungicide, seed dressing; In Mineral supplements against an insufficiency of copper in the diet of animals, colorant for porcelain, glazes and glass. As an catalyst in various dyes and pharmaceutical …

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Cupric Oxide

CUPRIC OXIDE (Copper (ll) Oxide) is used in making fibres, ceramics, gas analyses and for Welding fluxes. Cupric Oxide is used as a catalyst and in catalyst preparation. Cupric Oxide (CuO) is the higher oxide of copper. Cupric oxide is used as a pigment in ceramics to produce blue and green glazes. Cupric oxide is …

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Calcium Oxide

Calcium Oxide major use is in the basic oxygen steelmaking (BOS) process. It is a key ingredient for the process of making cement, used in the treatment of drinking water, Petroleum industry: Water detection pastes contain a mix of calcium oxide and phenolphthalein. Calcium oxide is used to regenerate sodium hydroxide from sodium carbonate in …

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Aluminium Oxide

The  Aluminium Oxide (Alumina or Activated Aluminium) has IUPAC Name as Aluminium(lll) Oxide, offered by us is used mainly in column chromatography application, desiccant & as filter of fluoride, used in wide range of catalyst applications, used as selective adsorbent in many chemicals, used as desiccant and for removing fluoride from drinking water. Various clients …

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