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Category: Metal Powder

We are engaged in offering Metal Powder that includes Copper Powder, Iron Powder, Lead Powder and Zinc Dust.

Lead Powder

LEAD POWDER is used in the industries engaged in Oil and Gas Exploration, Radiological Medical Protective Clothing, Industrial X-Ray Shielding, Golf Club Manufacturing, Anti-Friction Products, and Radiological Protective Gloves, for their respective application areas. It is used in making paint with good external weathering characteristics. Lead is the traditional pigment for rust-inhibiting priming paints applied …

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Iron Powder

IRON POWDER are mostly used in  automobile parts, Bearings and filter parts, Machine parts, Hand Warmers, High strength/wear-resistant parts, Magnetic materials,  Friction parts, as a fuel. It is used in production of magnetic alloys and certain types of steels. It can be offered in TECH and Reagent Grade and Industrial.  It is available in the …

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Copper Powder

COPPER POWDER such as electrical and thermal conductivity, morphology, chemical reactivity and alloying possibilities give rise to their use in catalysis, anti-fouling paint, conductive oils and greases, alloying with other metals, carbon brushes, resin-bonded brake parts, thermal management, electro-magnetic radiation shielding for electronic devices, surface engineering and diamond tooling, and many more. It is available …

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