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Category: Iodide

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include cuprous iodide and zinc iodide.


IODINE has several applications other than iodization of salt. It has a plethora of industrial as well as medical applications and is also used to provide nutrition to animals. The importance of application of iodine varies and some of the major uses of iodine derivatives are in colorants, dyes and pigments, animal nutrition products, catalysts, …

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Lithium Acetate

LITHIUM ACETATE (Acetic Acid Lithium Salt) is used in the laboratory as buffer for gel electrophoresis of DNA and RNA. It has a lower electrical conductivity and can be run at higher speeds than can gels made from TAE buffer. It is used for colorants, dyes, or pigments; includes colorants for drugs, textiles, personal care …

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Lactic Acid Food Grade

LACTIC ACID FOOD GRADE (Milk Acid) is a natural organic acid with a long history of food, leather, wood-dyeing, and cosmetic industries. It was formed by natural fermentation in products such as cheese, yogurt, soy sauce, meat products, pickled vegetables, beer, and wine. Lactic acid is used as pH regulator in Pharma products, used in …

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Iodine Pentoxide

IODINE PENTOXIDE is a strong oxidizing agent and reacts with various oxidizable substances. It oxidizes carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. The reaction is quantitative and used to measure carbon monoxide in the air, reacts with hydrogen sulphide, forming sulphur dioxide, Oxidation reaction also occurs with hydrogen chloride, metal hydrides and a number of metal salts. …

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Zinc Iodide

ZINC IODIDE (Zinc (II) iodide) is often used as an x-ray opaque penetrant in industrial radiography to improve the contrast between the damage and intact composite. It is used as a stain in electron microscopy.  Zinc iodide is an excellent catalyst for the selective conversion of methanol to triptane and hexamethylbenzene. It is offered in …

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Copper Iodide

COPPER IODIDE (Cuprous Iodide) is used in cloud seeding, altering the amount or type of precipitation of a cloud, or their structure by dispersing substances into the atmosphere which increase water’s ability to form droplets or crystals. CuI provides a sphere for moisture in the cloud to condense around, causing precipitation to increase and cloud …

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