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Warehouse and Packaging

In order to safely store our voluminous stocks of Inorganic and Specialty Chemicals, we have developed a sophisticated warehouse and packaging unit. Since our entire range of exported to various parts of the globe, we take due care while storing and packaging these under the highest safety and hygienic conditions. The warehouse is equipped with all essential facilities and well maintained keeping in mind the properties of the chemicals. We have a separate packaging unit, wherein all the Inorganic and Specialty Chemicals are hygienically packed under the supervision of our QC team. Suitably packed in air tight and light-resistant packaging material with proper labeling, the consignments are also rechecked on regular interval to avoid any spillage and leakage. Furthermore, the Chemicals are properly labeled and given the following information for the convenience of the user. Some of these include:

  • Name and Grade of Material
  • The site of Manufacture
  • Batch No.
  • Date of Mfg
  • Expiry Weight (Nt, / Tare / Gr.)
  • Storage Condition