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Category: EDTA

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include edta acid, edta disodium, edta tetrasodium dihydrate, potassium sulphate pure and tetra ammonium edta.

Tetra ammonium EDTA

TETRA AMMONIUM EDTA widely used as a softening agent in water treatment processes and as an antiscalant by inhibiting the precipitation of salts. It is efficiently used in removing scales from boilers, evaporators, heat exchangers, filter clothes. It is used as a cleansing agent (anticoagulant), used in metallurgical industries and as an antidote for metal …

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Potassium Sulphate

POTASSIUM SULPHATE (Potassium Sulfate, sulphate of potash) is mainly used as a fertilizer. K2SO4 does not contain chloride, which can be harmful to some crops. Potassium sulphate is commonly used in the agriculture industry as a fertilizer for sensitive crops. Use of potassium sulphate as a fertilizer results in improved quality of agricultural produce, enhanced …

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Tetrasodium EDTA

TETRASODIUM EDTA is a chelating agent used to prevent Undesirable effects of metal ions in a number of different end-uses. It is widely used to dissolve Metallic Impurities.  Being an excellent ingredient in cosmetic and personal care products, they are poorly absorbed by skin but accelerate the penetration of desirable ingredients by weakening the natural …

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EDTA Disodium

EDTA DISODIUM (Disodium EDTA, EDTA Disodium Salt Dihydrate) salt is a chelating agent or sequestering agent. EDTA disodium salt is a White free flow powder. It is soluble in water. EDTA disodium salt is manufactured by reaction of EDTA acid, distilled water and caustic flakes. It is used in Metal Plating and Electronics, Photography, Polymer …

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EDTA ACID is synthetic amino acid. EDTA Acid is a White free flow powder. It is insoluble in water. It is used in Detergents, Liquid Soaps, and Shampoos, Agricultural Chemicals Sprays,  metal cleaning and plating, Used as an eluting agent in Ion Exchange, Used in textile to remove dyeing, scoring and detergent operations, Used in …

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