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Category: Chloride

Zinc chloride

Ammonium Bifluoride

Ammonium Bifluoride (Ammonium acid fluoride, Ammonium hydro fluoride) has IUPAC Name as Ammonium hydrogen fluoride, offered by us is used for aluminium anodization, metal surface treatment, manufacture of wood preservatives, glass processing, building protection, mineral oil/ natural gas drilling, cleaning of industrial plants and in the electronic industry. Glass processing, for matt etching Metal surface …

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Ammonium Chloride Pharma Grade

Ammonium Chloride Pharma Grade offered by us is used as a flux in preparing metals to be tin coated, galvanized or soldered. It works as a flux by cleaning the surface of work pieces by reacting with the metal oxides at the surface to form a volatile metal chloride, used as an expectorant in cough medicine. …

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Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride (Calcium (II) chloride, Calcium dichloride, Calcium Chloride Dihydrate) is a source of calcium for production of other salts as well as a source of calcium for foods and beverages, used as an additive to cement, helps setting of concrete and helps solidify soil as well. When drying air and gasses, it can remove …

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Zinc Chloride Anhydrous

ZINC CHLORIDE ANHYDROUS (Zinc (II) chloride, Zinc dichloride) is commonly used in dry cell batteries as an electrolyte where it also acts as a moisture absorbent and corrosion inhibitor. Zinc chloride is used in fluxes for galvanizing, soldering and tinning. Its ability to remove oxides and salts from metal surfaces insures good metal to metal …

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Zinc Chloride

ZINC CHLORIDE (Zinc(II) chloride, Zinc dichloride) is mainly used in the industries of organic synthesis, such as dehydrating agent, condensation agent, wood antiseptic, fabric starching agent, Weighting agent, battery, electroplates, papermaking, medicine, active carbon and so on.  Used as catalyst, mordant, sizing agent, weight increasing agent and antiseptic.  Also used in electroplating, dye, medicine, pesticides …

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Nickel Chloride

NICKEL CHLORIDE (Nickelous chloride, Nickel (II) chloride Hexahydrate) is soluble in water & ethanol and shows insolubility in ammonia & nitric acid.  Nickel Chloride is also used for electroplating nickel on other metals with superior effectiveness, used in Metal Finishing Chemicals. It is highly effective in nature.  It is offered in Industrial and technical Grade. …

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Strontium Chloride

STRONTIUM CHLORIDE (Strontium (II) chloride) is a source of strontium salts and used in pyrotechnics and electron tubes. It gives a red flame color. It is used as a source of redness in fireworks. Strontium chloride is the precursor to other compounds of strontium, such as yellow strontium chromate, which is used as a corrosion …

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Sodium Chloride Pure Grade

SODIUM CHLORIDE PURE GRADE (Common salt)   used as an electrolyte, Electrolyte replenisher, Used in Cather flush injections or Intravenous Injections, Cleansing of contact lances in the form of saline, Topical anti-inflammatory.   It is also used as seasoning in much food, food preservative, mineral water, freezing mixture. It is useful for groundwater fecal contamination.  It is …

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Potassium Chloride Aqua Grade

POTASSIUM CHLORIDE AQUA GRADE (Monopotassium chloride) often used in medicine, scientific applications, food processing, as a sodium-free substitute for table salt (sodium chloride), and in judicial execution through lethal injection. Potassium Chloride is also used in water as a completion fluid in oil and gas operations. It is also used as enhancing the potassium of …

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