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Category: Aluminum Nitrate

Our product range includes a wide range of aluminum nitrate nonahydrate, barium nitrate, calcium nitrate tetra hydrate, ferric nitrate nonahydrate, lead nitrate and magnesium nitrate hexahydrate.

Lead Nitrate

LEAD NITRATE (Lead (II) nitrate) is used as a heat stabilizer in nylon and polyesters, as a coating for Photo thermographic paper, and in rodenticides. Heating lead nitrate is convenient means of making nitrogen dioxide. Lead (II) nitrate solution improves the leaching process. It can be offered in TECH and Laboratory Grade.  It is available …

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Ferric Nitrate

FERRIC NITRATE (Ferric Nitrate Nonahydrate) used as a catalyst or reagent allows multiple applications. An industrial plant, for example, can use iron(III) nitrate for metal finishing to protect against corrosion, used as water treatment industry, may use it to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater as well as treat sulphides. An animal feed manufacturer may …

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Calcium Nitrate

Calcium Nitrate is used in waste water pre-conditioning for odour emission prevention. The waste water pre-conditioning is based on establishing an anoxic biology in the waste water system, used in set accelerating concrete admixtures. Calcium nitrate is a very common coagulant in latex production, especially in dipping processes, used for regenerable cold packs, used as …

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Barium Nitrate

Barium Nitrate is used to make several antacids in the pharmaceutical industry because of excellent oxidizing properties. It is used in the manufacturing process of barium oxide, and in vacuum tube industry and in green fire in pyrotechnics. Barium nitrate burns with a green flame and it’s an oxidizer. Barium nitrate is toxic by inhalation …

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Aluminum Nitrate

The  Aluminium Nitrate (Aluminium(III) Nitrate and Aluminium Nitrate Nonahydrate) offered by us is used mainly in as dye mordant agent for textile industry as corrosion inhibitor and leather tanning, used in wide range of catalyst applications, coagulant in water treatment for clarifying. Various clients are placing orders for the Aluminium Nitrate as these are available …

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